for years i have carried a simple grease splatter shield that one buys for their kitchen stove. it comes flat and unfolds into 3 sections, made of aluminum. it needs no further alterations to be used as a simple camp stove where fires are permitted or in campgrounds when you dont wnat to use the grill there. just use the 2 bike spokes on top for your pot or pan, use carefully because the spokes can skate on the shields top edges. i cured that by making a few tweeks with a multitool to make divots in the top edges to keep the spokes from moving. next you can make the triangle by opening the shield until it forms a triangle. now face the open end where two edges or sides meet either into the wind or on the side of the wind depending on how hard it's blowing/. of course you can use a stove within of the alky vtype ventilate acccordingly. becuase the pot is 6-8 inches above the stove it takes longer to heat. but when you make a twig fire inside it heats up fine. if you tend to make hot fires or use l=really large over a gallon liter pots then this isnt for you. small pots and small fires work best to keep the aluminum from warping. no sweat to stomp it flat again though. cheap as they are worth looking into.