I was asked by Fiddleback to post my technique for using AG Alcohol Stove. My trail set up is the same as stated here.

Test kitchen burns for Antigravity Gear Alcohol Stove

AG Alcohol stove # 1004-1854-BCS2
Location Raleigh NC Elevation 430 ft.
Tap Water @ 70 degrees
Air Temp @ 77 Degrees
SLX Denatured Alcohol @ 75 Degrees
Digital wall clock
Analog Weston Large face thermometer 0-220 degree 5 degree increments
One ounce measuring jigger oz increments
6 inch diameter black anodized aluminum straight wall pot with top (Mamas kitch)
2 inch Windscreen

Set up
Place stove on aluminum foil
Windscreen ring within to inch from pot walls
Stove in center of ring
Poured one measured ounce of alcohol in stove
Lit stove, in about 30 seconds flames emerge from stove side jets
Placed stove directly on top of stove to seal fuel reservoir
Start timing burn and stopped timing at flame out

2 cups of water rolling boil at 6 minutes burn out at 9.30 minutes
3 cups of water rolling boil at 8 minutes burn out at 9.45 minutes
4 cups of water steaming water (200) at burn out at 9.35 minutes