I cannot use the shout box?

Posted by: Bahy

I cannot use the shout box? - 09/14/18 09:26 PM

Hi everyone, I am new here. Just found out this forum where my interest will be feed.

I would love to say hi to everyone in the shout box, but it telling me that I cannot use it? How can I do that?
Posted by: aimless

Re: I cannot use the shout box? - 09/14/18 10:51 PM

The shout box is one of the features that are not available to members who are still designated a "newbies". After you have spent some time as a contributor to regular threads, with more than cursory contributions such as "I agree", the shout box will become available to you.
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: I cannot use the shout box? - 09/16/18 03:40 PM

Welcome! This site doesn't have a specific place for introductions, but most use either the Beginners section or the General Discussion section for that purpose, whichever seems more appropriate for you. Or Lite Gear Talk, if you are specifically into that.

Filling out your profile would be a good idea.