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posting photos - 04/19/16 08:26 PM

OK, I am dense, this has no doubt been covered before, very sorry...but how do I go about posting photos? Is it necessary to create a photo sharing account with albums, like say with Picassa? Is there a better photo sharing service to use? Is there no way to simply add photos to my post from my photo downloads on my computer, or directly from my camera sds card? I have a chromebook, if that makes a difference. I see other people who post individual photos, rather than links to albums. I'm use to sharing photos on facebook, or as attachments to an email, but it seems different for this forum. Thanks! PS I guess a link to an album keeps it from being to big of a post, so allows posting more photos.
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Re: posting photos - 04/20/16 10:01 PM

I would ask the same questions as Bobito.
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Re: posting photos - 04/21/16 01:07 AM

Go to Forum Help (in the menu bar at the top) and click the "+" sign next to 'How do I add an image to my message" (or something like that). Explains how.
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Reference the "..Usage Tips" forum (just below this one) and at the top is a thread with tips on posting photos.
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Re: posting photos - 04/10/21 02:45 PM

I presume you mean within general posts?
Images are an excellent way to share an idea or concept - or just plain beautiful. I am not sure if it was clear that you do need some internet space to upload your photos - that is outside of this forum space - dropbox of some such. There are quite a few free services available.

And then you need the URL to the image that you uploaded.