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Posted by: ecsbot

Academic Survey - 02/05/16 01:28 PM

I've tried using the Contact Us at the bottom of the page and it doesn't seem to be working, at least not for me.

I'm trying to gather opinions about backpacks for my senior project. I was hoping someone would allow me to post a link to my 10 question survey about packs. If anyone can help me by taking the survey or getting the survey out there, I would greatly appreciate it.

This is the link to take the survey:

[link to surveymonkey removed]

Thank you!
Posted by: aimless

Re: Academic Survey - 02/05/16 01:57 PM

Unfortunately, we have experienced enough problems with the surveymonkey website that these forums do not permit links to that site.
Posted by: packlite

Re: Academic Survey - 02/06/16 02:12 PM

Ditto what aimless said.

Sorry about the "Contact" button at bottom of page not working. We fixed it.