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Posted by: OregonMouse

Disappearing posts - 06/22/15 12:16 AM

Several of us are having problems with disappearing posts. See balzaccom's post today in the Trip Reports forum. I've had a few (a couple today) in which the text disappeared when I hit the "submit" button. Balzaccom and I both have PMs in to Packlite.

Bobito9 also reported a disappearing post (after it was posted). I am sure that no mod would delete a post from a regular member (as opposed to spammers) without notifying him/her! I've had a couple of posts I couldn't find later, but I couldn't remember if I had actually hit the "submit" button. I'm going to watch carefully and document from now on.

If anyone else is having difficulties, please report!
Posted by: packlite

Re: Disappearing posts - 06/22/15 12:52 PM

I discovered that this is a known problem. I don't know why it happens but apparently it has something to do with incompatibility between this software and the newer php software. The forum software is something that I can have updated but the php software is controlled by my isp.

Interesting it is, that if you reply by clicking on "quote" or "quick quote" or "quick reply" the intended text reappears, albeit somewhat garbled.

I will attempt to fix this as soon as I'm able to do so.
Posted by: packlite

Re: Disappearing posts - 06/29/15 07:32 PM

Fix has been found now must find money and time to get the new software and install.

Apparently, cut and paste from external text editor doesn't seem to be working now. Also, can't post HTML code. However, this forum does have its own UBBCode with which to compose messages.

Hopefully, once we upgrade we will have better capability to cut and paste. In the meantime, folks must take a little extra time to actually compose their msg inside the forum.
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: Disappearing posts - 06/29/15 09:27 PM

All of the messages I've lost were composed in the text box--no cut and paste. It's also been quite irregular--I make half a dozen good ones and then, bingo.

There used to be a button for donations?
Posted by: packlite

Re: Disappearing posts - 06/30/15 09:06 AM

Originally Posted By OregonMouse
Guess what.

All my lost messages have been composed in the text box--no copy/paste.

Ouch !
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Re: Disappearing posts - 07/20/15 07:01 PM

Continuing and annoying problem, especially for those trying to post trip reports (see that section).

You used to have a spot where members could donate; does it still exist? I'm sure some of us would be willing to help with the cost!
Posted by: packlite

Re: Disappearing posts - 07/20/15 10:02 PM

No longer a donation button - but I'm ordering in a software update next week (or later this week). It'll get fixed. Sorry for taking so long.

I've hired someone else to do it so I'm exercising some patience. I'd like it done correctly.
Posted by: packlite

Re: Disappearing posts - FIXED - 07/21/15 03:20 PM

The forums have now been updated to the latest version of the software and it is my understanding that our "disappearing posts" problem has been fixed.

I've tested with cut n paste using simple, standard formatting from MS Word and MS Notepad with success. We'll see. Let us know if any problems.
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: Disappearing posts - FIXED - 07/21/15 03:30 PM

Great news--even though we mods will now have more spam to delete!

awesome goodjob thanks