Posting photos using Picasa Web

Posted by: skcreidc

Posting photos using Picasa Web - 07/30/13 11:21 AM

Help! I used to have no problems posting photos, but in the last year Picasa has been Googleized and for some reason I cannot find a way to link to photos any more. There must be a way. But after spending over 3 hours on this problem, I cannot spend any more time on it now. I have a TR filled with tales of ego and stupidity (no, it isn't about Bob Filner) just dying to be posted. All I need are photos.
Posted by: squark

Re: Posting photos using Picasa Web - 08/04/13 07:31 PM


It looks like with Picasa you can now right-click on the image and select "copy image URL".



same thing seems to work for me
Posted by: skcreidc

Re: Posting photos using Picasa Web - 08/20/13 12:37 PM

Right click? I almost never right click that might explain why I have been stuck (although I haven't looked at this in a while) . Your dog is giving me that "look".....he knows he is better than me at using the computer. blush