Introduction/ searching for other backpackers

Posted by: mountaindog

Introduction/ searching for other backpackers - 10/21/21 02:43 PM


I'm new to this forum. I'm a 27 year old male. Ive done many small trips and one 5 day backpacking trip in the eastern sierras. I just moved to Tennessee and I'm planning to hike everything I can on this half of the country. Probably starting at linville gorge here in the next couple of weeks. Although I haven't had a lot of experience per se, I do have a passion for it and ive just recently found a new job that will allow me to have the flexibility to move my schedule around trips.

One of the reasons I'm on this forum (hopefully its not against the rules) is to find other people who want to take trips whether hiking or paddling or whatever it may be on the eastern part of the US. Im sure at some point going to another country could be a possiblity right now I have plenty to see and plenty to walk because everything on this half of the country is completely new to me. If anyone wants to plan a trip or has any suggestions for finding people who would be down I'd love to here them. Thanks! happy trails.

Also, I'll take any advice on great hikes and trails!
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Re: Introduction/ searching for other backpackers - 10/21/21 05:11 PM

Welcome - I'm sure you'll get lots of tips on places to go, so I won't try to list everything near Tennessee. However, I will mention one overlooked backpacking area: Mammoth Cave National Park. I know, the park's highlights are all underground. But, to preserve the underground part of the park, they had to buy up all the surface, too - and there's a lot of good backpacking on a well-developed set of trails. (Warning: some are hiking/biking trails.) No spectacular scenery, but just a good place to go be in the woods, with a number of pretty campsites and relatively abundant water.

Feel free to ask us any other questions you have, and again - welcome.
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Re: Introduction/ searching for other backpackers - 10/22/21 10:57 AM

Yes, welcome!

I'll put a word in for your local community college, which might organize backpacking trips...or at least have a hiking club, generally open to all.
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Re: Introduction/ searching for other backpackers - 10/26/21 02:10 PM

I did my first solo overnight in Tennessee’s Mississippi Delta country woodlands when I was 4 years old. We moved soon after and continued to move around the country every couple years. I settled out west on my own eventually so don’t remember the fine details of the east.

If you ever get the chance check out southern Utah. There are a plethora of 5+ day backpacking opportunities that will blow your mind. The Four Corners and generally the entire Southwest is sublime.