Grandma Gatewood Revisited

Posted by: Bill Kennedy

Grandma Gatewood Revisited - 09/26/21 01:51 AM

Even if you're not a Dixieophile, as I am, this is worth watching. After considerable research, Dixie does a hike with the same gear Grandma Gatewood used. I found the end particularly touching.
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Re: Grandma Gatewood Revisited - 09/26/21 07:52 AM

Well worth watching. There is a happy medium between a denim sack and shower curtain and many hundreds of dollars in high tech gear.
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Re: Grandma Gatewood Revisited - 09/26/21 06:17 PM

I finished reading Grandma Gatewoods Walk a few months ago. I am far from a book reader, but this book is the first in many years that kept my attention and I actually finished the book. I'll watch the video. Thank You for the link!
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Re: Grandma Gatewood Revisited - 09/26/21 10:37 PM

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Re: Grandma Gatewood Revisited - 10/03/21 08:06 AM

Dixie just posted a breakdown of what she bought to do the Grandma Gatewood hike. She ended up spending $600 on authentic 1950's gear. I think that she could have made the point with current items. She did not need 1950 jeans and shirt etc. Current cotton items would have proven the point at a much lower cost. It was not the fashion which was important but the fact that it was just off the shelf items. That being said I did enjoy the presentation as I do most of the rest of her offerings.
Posted by: BZH

Re: Grandma Gatewood Revisited - 10/11/21 02:52 PM

Yeah, I do agree with you. I thought it was neat she used authentic gear, but it felt a little off because the point of Granny Gatewood's gear was that it came from her closet. Authentic shoes and jeans from the 1950's, though authentic to the gear, wasn't very authentic to the philosophy. It sure was a neat project to pull off.