Posted by: Erok

Backpacks - 11/22/20 09:52 AM

So I'm new and haven't quite figured out how to navigate the site all the way yet. Any way. What is everyone's favorite backpack? I'll say for a 2-7 day trip. I have a mess of kids so I can only have one pack at a time. I chose the the ula circuit. I love that pack.

Thanks Erok
Posted by: tramp

Re: Backpacks - 12/16/20 07:12 AM

I've had a Kelty Red Cloud for a long time. It is a 5600 C.I. pack and is about 5 pounds empty. It will carry a huge load and is durable. Obviously not into the ultra light philosophy.

I don't get time to get out into the woods as frequently as I used to so when I head out it's usually a week or more so I gotta carry a lot. Not a huge mileage guy anymore just head out sans schedule other then when I gotta be home.
Posted by: Glenn Roberts

Re: Backpacks - 12/16/20 09:10 AM

I like Deuter packs, but for the last 5 years or so I've leaned more toward the lightweight Osprey packs. They just seem to fit me a bit better - and when it comes to packs, fit is everything. For me, Deuter missed a perfect fit by the tiniest of margins - but I know that there's at least one other member here who is just the opposite: Deuter is a perfect fit, and Ospreys fall short. So it's a highly personal thing.

At 70, I've seriously lightened my load (and limited my trips to fit the load I can carry - no more weeklong trips, no more below-freezing camping.) I've used, and liked, the Osprey Atmos 50 (my last "heavy load" pack - great fit, way overkill after I lightened the load from 25 pounds to 15 pounds), Kestrel 48 (but it wasn't a perfect fit, and had too many features I didn't use), Exos 48 (ideal for my needs), and am now using its ultralight sibling the Levity 45 (a pound lighter, no frills, and a near-perfect fit for me.)
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Re: Backpacks - 12/23/20 08:16 PM

Get a huge pack. If weight is the only difference, why not have more space than less? Especially with kids. If you get a small pack, you will just end up with a bunch of stuff strapped to the outside. Ji. I have a Kelty White Cloud. 7,000 inches, modular, strips down to 28
ounces in the lightest mode. Works in the winter for the big sleeping bag and cold weather ggear too. Jim
Posted by: Jebsmith

Re: Backpacks - 01/05/21 12:37 AM

My favorite is the osprey mutant 38. Osprey is a well known brand which is one of the reasons I first bought it. It has awesome features like hip belts and a helmet carrier. It can hold a lot of gear but can also be stripped down to a lightweight bundle. Hope this helps.