Hot Weather Hiking Shirt

Posted by: SJS

Hot Weather Hiking Shirt - 07/15/20 05:02 PM

I have numerous miracle fabric shirts for hiking but my favorite for hot, humid weather in insect ridden places, believe it or not, is a cheap, made in Vietnam, 100% nylon shirt. The brand name tag is long gone.

The thing is, unlike all my other hiking shirts, it is more like a dress shirt in the sense that it has long sleeves which button up, a collar, pockets, etc. But it is really light, really soft and really comfortable. No, it does not breathe or wick but I find it very comfortable in very hot and humid weather and I prefer it to putting tons of repellant on. I think I got it from LL Bean.

Anyway, I can't find one like it again and my long winded question is actually simply: anyone know of a shirt that is comfortable in hot, muggy weather and has a collar, long sleeves and pockets? Wicking and breathing would be great, but not necessary, just really light and really comfortable.
Posted by: Bill Kennedy

Re: Hot Weather Hiking Shirt - 07/16/20 01:42 PM

The Columbia Silver Ridge shirt would be worth a look. I have the long sleeve version, and like it. Mine weighs 5.7 ounces (men's small). There's also a "lite" version...I think the difference is UPF 40 vs UPF 50.

It seems ideal for warm weather. My only complaint is that if you roll up the sleeves a bit, the fabric is so soft that they won't stay rolled up for long. It does have the little button tabs to keep the sleeves rolled up higher, though.

Also, not cheap. I forget exactly, but it seems like it was in the $50 neighborhood.

There are various reviews on YouTube and elsewhere on the net.
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Re: Hot Weather Hiking Shirt - 07/16/20 03:44 PM

I've used a thrift shop US Navy tropical khaki shirt for years. Cost me about $3
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Re: Hot Weather Hiking Shirt - 07/16/20 04:05 PM

Have a Columbia titanium somethingorother long-sleeve, button-up shirt I'm in season two with. It's very thin and light and I sweat it through with little provocation, but it dries fast. Sun protection and has rubber buttons and thin seams for comfort beneath pack straps. IDK the model name so will point at their titanium performance line for something similar.

Posted by: SJS

Re: Hot Weather Hiking Shirt - 07/16/20 08:35 PM

Thanks, that Columbia Silver Ridge is exactly what I am looking for. Now I just have to decide whether to get the lite version or not.
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Re: Hot Weather Hiking Shirt - 07/25/20 05:18 PM

My summer time shirt is a SPORTIF fishing shirt. some sorta nylon has long sleeves that, like the others, roll up and are held in place with a cloth tab/button. one thing that I love, is the collar has an extention, that makes collar almost double a normal one. it shields the neck very well. the shirt wears like iron..I've never gotten used to short sleeve shirts. the nylon evaporates moisture as fast as I can produce it.