Greetings - and a question

Posted by: valongi

Greetings - and a question - 12/11/17 11:35 AM

Good morning, folks. I'm inquiring on whether anyone's been to Sam's Point / the Verkeerderkill Falls recently, as I'm thinking of heading up this coming weekend.

Interested in understanding if there's been any snow on the ground recently- and I could check for a forecast. My goal is to enjoy the hike and get in some photography this weekend if conditions are right.

A little background, I was registered here eons ago (mid/late 90's), my profile must have been wiped out a long time ago as well. Anyhow, I'm a Long Islander, loved hiking in the Catskills and would hit the Adirondacks as well. Work / family / etc. got in the way... and while time is still a precious commodity, I want to begin again. I'd taken that hike to the falls back then in the winter and remember the gorgeous scenery when snow was on the ground...

Be well, and thank you!