Posted by: Haiwee

Unemployed - 04/18/10 07:07 PM

Well, looks like no hiking trips dor a while. Got laid off last week, and jobs in my industry are few and far between right now. 32 years in the workforce and have never been without employment, even for a day, so this feels kind of wierd.
Posted by: Jimshaw

Re: Unemployed - 04/18/10 08:09 PM

You finally have the time to hike. You gonna sit at home until you have a new job? Every cloud has a silver lining.
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Re: Unemployed - 04/18/10 09:43 PM

Sorry man. Is weird to not have a job. My department at work has been out sourced, so all of us have been on pins and needles the last year. Finally this last week, some of us were sent off to other departments after training for the summer, but no guarantee this Fall. Jim, how is the large cardboard box supply up there?
Posted by: Jimshaw

Re: Unemployed - 04/18/10 11:23 PM

Large insulated cardboard boxes are at a premium in Central Oregon. Shipping containers are around $2,400 delivered but you need a piece of land, water supply and heat and power. As PerryMK keeps pointing out, there's a book on homesteading with a used travel trailer for $5,000. As I have said - when things are really bad and it is obvious that they are going to get a lot worse, its time to take stock and pull out of a draining situation and put your remaining resources into something that will work. Do not wait till your broke to try to save your butt.
Travel-Trailer Homesteading Under $5,000 (Paperback)
~ Brian D. Kelling
Jim S
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Re: Unemployed - 04/19/10 10:51 AM

With me working out of town, last month I was snow camping one weekend too, so I never made it home and my old, old freezer unplugged after all these years, my electric bill was under $8. That kind of pulling back?:) I use firewood for heat, only had the propane furnace turned on for three weeks over the winter, no frozen pipes.
Posted by: lori

Re: Unemployed - 04/20/10 02:29 PM

I've been unemployed for about six months now. Done a lot of hiking and try to carpool as much as I can with others.

I figure, I'm going to eat anyway - I go to the dollar store and stock up, all the gear is there for me to use, and at times I am able to schedule an interview somewhere along the route to the trailhead. The jobs in my field are slim pickings but I have managed an interview per month.

Finally got a second interview for once - going tomorrow.

It's hard to keep a positive attitude, but if you can it'll help - make the best of it and hike when you can, keep sending applications, keep an open mind - I have even considered becoming another cottage industry and making a few bucks sewing small gear items. Keeping busy really, really helps.