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Clothing - 04/18/10 10:40 AM

I have noticed that in several threads people say that you can get cheaper clothing at X store. Or you can get just as good quality for cheaper if you look around.

I am wondering though what you would look for when shopping for clothes? So far all my backpacking is planned for June - September(Maybe October depending on weather). We will mainly be staying in the Uintas and up into the rockies around southern Idaho.

Also is there anything you recommend treating your clothes with before using them for backpacking(do you waterproof? Permethrin?)

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Re: Clothing - 04/18/10 12:51 PM

I am not really sure what your question is-- are wanting to know what layering techniques and clothing uses are adaquate or are you asking what properities we look for when deciding on gear choices?

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Re: Clothing - 04/18/10 12:56 PM

I am more curious about properties. What types of material are good, what kinds of things should I look for when I go shopping for backpacking clothes?
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Originally Posted By Cstolworthy
I am more curious about properties. What types of material are good, what kinds of things should I look for when I go shopping for backpacking clothes?

-Baselayers are designed to wick moisture away from skin, thus any kind of synthetic or wool blend are the popular choice. My favouriate is the Capilene line, but you can pick up inexpensive synthetic shirts from Goodwill or even Target for under $15-- it is good to have a couple in different weights for different weather.

-Midlayers are your insulations: popular choices include down and primaloft for their warmth to weight ratio. They are also more expensive ($120+). Other options include fleece-- available cheaply in practicly any store.

- Outerlayers-- protect from the rain. Marmot's Precip jacket is a great, affordable LW jacket. There is no need for a $200 rain coat. Rain pants are also worth considering if you live in a wet area. If not then regular hiking pants or nylon running shorts dry out quick enough to not warrent the need for them.

- Something else worth purchasing is a windshirt-- Golite Wisp, Marmot Ion etc etc. Worn over a baselayer to block the wind and you will be able to leave the rest of your gear in your pack. Wind pants are also nice to have-- they are usually DWR coated and are more breathable than rain pants.

If purchasing used, check the loft of the down, hold items of clothing up to the light and check for tiny holes. Rain gear and windshirts may need to be re-treated with a DWR coating.

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In addition to what ChrisFol said about the various layers, it might help if we knew what options you have available for shopping. Living in Deep East Texas, I have Walmart, Target, Academy Sports & Outdoors and Gander Mountain all within an hour of me. Dallas is about 3 hours away and I go there about 1-2 times per year. In that area there is REI, BassPro, Cabela's along with the ones above and a few 'boutique' type stores that have more upscale equipment.
There is also a great thrift store in Lewisville.

Here where I live, we do have a couple of thrift stores but the clothing is very limited. If you are short and heavy set, you've got it made. I'm not so I have to go frequently and check for various items. Most of my gear, I've secured so I don't go that much any more and I also make a lot of my midweight tops (fleece).

You can also occasionally pick up great deals on items for sale here on the forum.

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Nearby I have Target, Wal-mart, Cabela's, REI, Khols, and a few other assorted stores.
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Target carries Champion brand and I have used their wicking t-shirts with good results and they are not too expensive.

At Cabela's I have picked up their long sleeve "fishing shirt" which is 100% nylon and dries quickly ( I don't like to wear bug spray on my skin). I've also bought wool socks from them with good results.

If you watch/shop carefully around Thanksgiving you can pick up fleece jackets for as little as $10 (we picked up several at BassPro for our group).

I go to REI mainly to look around. I might find a few 'possibles' items there but I try to stay out - too tempting to blow a lot of money for things I don't really need. I have gone in to try on packs and I did by my Osprey Aether there after much research.
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Re: Clothing - 04/20/10 11:03 AM

Go to Recreational Outlet. Recreational Outlet It is across the street from Kirkhams (which is another great store. Kirkhams The great think about Kirkhams is that they are a Western Mountaineering dealer. And, of course, there is Sportsmans Wharehouse. Recreational Outlet is probably the cheapest. Just look for non cotton clothes that have an SPF rating on them. You can even find them at Sports Authority, Dicks, and Big 5.