AT Thru-hiker Study Update

Posted by: Johnny_Swank

AT Thru-hiker Study Update - 08/16/07 08:53 AM

I hope everyone is doing well and not melting from the summer heat. As of this morning, 390 thru-hikers have completed the survey - this is by far the largest dataset collected from a collective 804,300 miles of hiking!

I'm going to keep this survey open until 8/29, but then it's on to the data analysis stage. This will take several months to do a full-blown workup, but I'll have rough results in time for the Gathering in October.

If you know of anyone has attempted a thru-hike that still might be interested in completing a survey, feel free to send them to

Thank you again,

-John Pugh (Johnny Swank, MEGA 2000)
Posted by: Johnny_Swank

Re: AT Thru-hiker Study Update - 08/22/07 09:18 AM

412 as of this morning. If I get about 30 more thru-hikers to take this, that'll represent about 1 million cumulative miles of hiking!
Posted by: RobA

Re: AT Thru-hiker Study Update - 11/08/08 05:11 AM

are you going to share any info with us?
Posted by: chaz

Re: AT Thru-hiker Study Update - 12/16/09 10:02 PM

Originally Posted By RobA
are you going to share any info with us?

Doesn't look like that's gonna happen! We were all worked up and anxious for the word. Maybe he got lost on the trail while looking to fill his quota. LOL