West Highland Way, Scotland

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West Highland Way, Scotland - 08/09/15 02:28 PM

My son, my granddaughter and I have recently completed a walk of the West Highland Way in Scotland. This is a roughly 96 mile walk from Glasgow to Fort William. It passes along Loch Lomond, through Tyndrum, the Bridge of Orchy, Rannoch Moor, Glencoe and Glen Nevis on the way north to Fort William. We traveled from pub to pub and stayed in guest houses on the trip. I have written a Trail Journals account. If you are interested, the journal link is www.trailjournals.com/PikaWHW2015 I am still doing proof reading and revising of the account but the photos are posted and I only anticipate minor changes in the text. Sign the guest book if you are so inclined.
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Re: West Highland Way, Scotland - 08/09/15 04:07 PM

That's the hike I wanted to do in 2001, but that was the year of the foot-and-mouth outbreak. It didn't hit that area but did hit areas I also wanted to visit (Lakes District and Hadrian's Wall). Germany (where I based) was really paranoid, as was Ramstein AFB where my son#1 was stationed, and I was worried (probably too much so) that I wouldn't be allowed back. I ended up taking a tour to Turkey instead, and, later in the trip, day-hiking parts of the Chemin du Stevenson in France's Cevennes.

I'm heading over to Trail Journals right now!
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I very much enjoyed your journal and the photos! It sounds as though you sort of floated through Scotland on a sea of beer! laugh
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Yeah, we laughingly tracked our performance in miles per pint. Jordan was the champ on this trip despite not having any beer. She is nearly fifteen and is tough as a dollar steak. She was typically at least a half mile ahead of the "old folks" and talking with other hikers. She struck up a friendship with three French women that looks as though it will well outlast the trip. I'm kind of proud of her. smile
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Re: West Highland Way, Scotland - 08/10/15 09:09 AM

It is a great country for walking. In 2012 I walked the Great Glenn Way from Fort Williams to Inverness which is about 79 miles. I also used a shuttle service (Sherpa) and stayed in B&B's. I had walked the Coast to Coast trail in England and found that more interesting for me. It was more remote and used walking paths instead of two track roads. Two problems I had in both Scotland and England is that they have a different schedule than I do. Breakfast is 8:30 and supper is 6:30 and I generally start breakfast at 5:30 and supper at 5:30 PM so I spent a lot of time waiting. The other problem was that the folks talk some language which sounds something like English but is a lot different, so between my poor hearing and the language barrier I had a problem communicating.
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Re: West Highland Way, Scotland - 12/01/15 06:25 PM

I absolutely loved the report. It is something I have thought of doing.

Question: Did you book the accommodations yourself, or did you just book a package from a company?
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Re: West Highland Way, Scotland - 12/01/15 09:08 PM

I booked the accommodations through Mac's Adventures in Glasgow. I highly recommend them.
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Re: West Highland Way, Scotland - 12/22/15 04:35 PM

What a wonderful trip. You continue to be an inspiration to me Pika. I wish you many more years of trail time this holiday season.