BMT Sections 10,11

Posted by: chumpchange

BMT Sections 10,11 - 09/29/11 02:31 PM

hi, new guy here and new to backpacking/hiking.

was wondering if anyone here has trekked the BMT from Watson's Gap, over Big Frog Mtn and down to the Ocooe River.

if yes, was the trail pretty well defined or did you need to stay on your compass and map a good bit of the time?

how long ago?

Posted by: Ewker

Re: BMT Sections 10,11 - 10/04/11 12:53 PM

if you want info on the BMT I would go over to whiteBlaze and ask. There is lots of info on the BMT there
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: BMT Sections 10,11 - 10/04/11 04:14 PM

"Sgt. Rock" has written a guide to the BMT.
Posted by: chumpchange

Re: BMT Sections 10,11 - 10/05/11 12:53 PM

cool, i will take a look.