Okay, IF i were to go become a trail jockey...

Posted by: Pat-trick

Okay, IF i were to go become a trail jockey... - 07/07/10 09:46 AM

... living "out there", without a house/home to prepare foods and store stuff,

1. Ought I just pick up dehydrated stuff at whatever supply house is near the trail?

2. Do I need to pick up a topo or two for the AT? I will have the Garmin eTrex, and a Silver Ranger compass. Would a large scale topo be good enough, just to kind of point me in the right direction? What scale? Oh, I'll be headed NORTH. (where it's cooler)

3. How do I keep clean with only 2 pair of undies, 2 pair of socks, one pair of pants convertible to shorts (zippers). I need to look at some gear lists.

4. Yes, the scale tipped, and it looks like I'm outta here.

5. Okay, i'll make a list and post it within 24 hours. I have no idea of the weight, maybe you guys can help.

PS Just jump in and start swimming, huh?
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Re: Okay, IF i were to go become a trail jockey... - 07/07/10 11:34 AM

Just jump in and start swimming, huh?

That could work. Just try to avoid making expensive errors at the start, like buying a lot of expensive gear and discovering you don't need it or you don't like it. The best thing about cheap gear, used gear, homemade gear, and scavenged gear, is that you can cheerfully bid it goodbye whenever you outgrow it.

Good luck.
Posted by: Pat-trick

Change of plans... - 07/07/10 09:57 PM

... for Mr. Psycho Man. Postponing my trip for minimum 75 days, to prepare for my disability hearing with SSA. If the finding is favorable, I may be able to afford a roof over my head.

I did set up my new tent, a BA Copper Spur UL. That thing is slick. I'll go ahead and order my rain gear online, and get a few other things, too, so I'll REALLY be ready 3 months from now.
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: Change of plans... - 07/08/10 10:05 AM

Patrick, good luck with the hearing! Do you have to hang around for the whole 75 days? If not, this is a great opportunity to take a bunch of shorter trips, get comfortable with your gear, acquire experience and just have fun in the out-of-doors! This last is of course the best reason to get out on the trail!
Posted by: Pat-trick

Re: Change of plans... - 07/08/10 10:29 AM

I'm free to do as I wish. You're right, of course, once this heat passes, I'll be free to walk up to Jay Mountain and see if it's still high in the air. I'm worried about mosquitoes and rain, but I suppose I can get some repellant with my next check (Wednesday!), and order the rain jacket and pants, pack the bag, and hit the trail. Sounds like a plan.