Planning a section hike.

Posted by: chaz

Planning a section hike. - 12/16/09 10:43 PM

I would like to section hike from the south terminus (springer mt.) to Clingmans Dome in the smokies. I plan to do super low budget as possible late this spring. Still working out the logistics from Memphis to the s. trailhead and from the smokies back. Does anyone have input on this section, or is there a better stopping point to get transport at the end.
I would love to hike the entire AT but can't possibly consider taking more than a couple of week off for such a trek. Even this would be grand fun to put on my life list of accomplishments. BTW I'm thinking of taking a bus. That should be an adventure in itself!
Posted by: chaz

Re: Planning a section hike. - 12/18/09 11:55 AM

Looking at some different places to jump off. Springer Mountain to Clingmans Dome in GSMNP is 196.8 mi. I would like to break whatever stoping point/distance in to 10 days hiking. That would mean doing 16.583 mi per day. I think that would be decent milage to do each day and shoudn't have a problem with it on average. I want to smell the roses a little on the hike. I understand the approach trail is steep and the going slow?
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Re: Planning a section hike. - 12/20/09 11:32 AM

After reading a bunch of different trailjournal posts, I think my goal of 16+ miles per day is way too much. I did a quick 10 miles two days ago at a speed I normaly walk and averaged 3.2 mph on the mostly flat paths around here. Even with my stopped time I averaged 2.8MPH. Climbing up and down rock stairsteps etc should cut that well in half at best. And I really don't want to rush my fun little trip. So now my question (for someone that knows some answers). How far should I realisticly plan to hike from Amocalola fall Ga. for 10 days and find a decent stopping point to get transportation out?
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Re: Planning a section hike. - 12/20/09 03:57 PM

Just pick a point about 3/4 of the way there as your alternate, and don't worry. Hike at a speed you're happy with and decide when you get to the 3/4 point. As long as you don't measure your success or failure as to which point you come off it, but rather how much fun you're having in a day, you'll do absolutely fine.
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Re: Planning a section hike. - 12/22/09 01:52 PM

go to and you will get a ton of answers to your questions.

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Re: Planning a section hike. - 12/22/09 08:55 PM

Thanks. I have been there and got the answer I was seeking. I was advised to hike to Franklin,TN. And was given a shuttle contact info. thanks
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Re: Planning a section hike. - 12/23/09 09:08 AM

sure hope you mean Franklin, NC grin
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Re: Planning a section hike. - 01/09/10 08:24 PM

Ha Ha. Yes, NC. Or I just may start at the South trailhead, walk three or four days, turnaround and lie to everyone as I head back. I could say things like, " I averaged 26 miles per day and Mt. Katadin is so easy that when I got to the bottom, I ran back up so I could start over and add some extra miles to my thru hike."LOL When everyone finds out that I spoofed em. I could earn my trail name. BIG FAT LIAR! LOL
But, I am neither Big, fat or a liar. But I do like to have some fun with people from time to time. wink
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Re: Planning a section hike. - 04/08/10 10:33 PM

Have a great time! I've done bits of the AT on NY and CT but never any of the southern part. Wish I could join you.
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Re: Planning a section hike. - 04/09/10 09:51 PM

Enjoy, I am going to the smokies this wed. I love the appalacians. Just hiking in the park. Would love to thru hike . It is part of my Bucket List. But work and responsibilitys to familly do not allow it. Good Luck and enjoy.
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Re: Planning a section hike. - 11/17/10 03:17 PM

(if you didnt get around to it this last spring)

Im currently planning to do my first section of the AT this up coming spring. I to was thinking fast n light if youd like a partner to split shuttle fees and such with i think we could deffinatly arrange something. If we end up hikeing diff paces its no biggie either but i was concidering looking for a partner for my first long section.