Wonderland Trail

Posted by: haikublue

Wonderland Trail - 07/03/09 11:28 PM

So... it's me again...but I am not very prepared this time around...I still need to buy my plane ticket. But I have a permit, just ordered my trail runners and will be getting new sunglasses this weekend. We will just ignore the out of shape body and unfocused mind for the moment. What I am wondering is if there are any Washintonians on this board that I can bribe with something (fill in your own blank...though my out of shape body is currently spoken for)for a ride to and/or from Seattle to Longmire and back to Seattle. There apprears to be no transportation options. Do pass me any numbers or contacts if I am missing something!
Posted by: patrickmatte

Re: Wonderland Trail - 11/28/09 02:50 PM

While I do not know of anyone specific,you can take public transpo all the way from the SeaTac airport to just a few miles outside of the park if I'm not mistaken.From Seatac you would hoop on the Metro bus all the way to Federal Way transfer station,then you switch to Pierce Transit system.You can check online for the route info. There might be a route that eliminates the transfer but it has been quite a few years since I lived there. This might help you,with less to travel,it might be easier to get a ride.