Recipe: Sushi

Posted by: Ender

Recipe: Sushi - 09/01/08 02:27 PM

Yes, sushi. I was supposed to try this recipe last week, but the trip got cancelled last minute because of illness. I'm looking forward to trying it out...

1 cup instant rice.
1 foil package teriyaki salmon
1 package nori (the seaweed paper that sushi is wrapped in)
1 package of soy sauce (if desired)

Cook rice, spread onto nori, put salmon on top, wrap into rolls. That's it. Most likely you will have extra rice left over, but that will give bulk to the meal.

I read an idea for this once years ago on some random website, can't remember which one now. I think they suggested tuna in the foil package, but I figured the teriyaki salmon would give added flavor to the meal.

When I finally do try it, I'll edit and let you all know how it tastes.
Posted by: CamperMom

Re: Recipe: Sushi - 09/01/08 06:38 PM

Hi, Ender-

You may have better luck if you consider your sushi as a "hand roll." Instant rice isn't sticky enough and the wrong texture for it to make good sushi. Also, you may like it better if you season the rice with rice vinegar and some sugar. Mix everything together except the nori, rehydrate, and fill the rolled nori like an ice cream cone.

If you have time, cook some regular rice (short grain works best), season to taste with rice vinegar and sugar, chill so you can separate it, then dehydrate it. You might also dehydrate the fish you wish to use. I have had luck dehydrating surimi (mock crab), and canned salmon and canned tuna. These you may also wish to season, perhaps with a ginger-sesame salad dressing. Consider dehydrating cucumber and carrot strips, as well. Once rehydrated, assemble as sushi rolls or "hand rolls." If you can find wasabi paste in a tube or powder, either can add a kick. In fact, try the tiniest amount first, to see how much you really want to use... Hubby is a sushi buff and enjoyed these on a trip to Yellowstone.

Good luck!

Posted by: idahosteve

Re: Recipe: Sushi - 11/22/09 01:04 PM

I've made "sushi" ie california rolls on a regular basis in the backcountry.
Heres how I went about doing it: used instant rice, brought rice vinegar in a small dropper bottle, soy sauce packets from the local chineese restaurant, nori, avacado, cheese, kippered snacks, and wasabi powder. I bring a bamboo roller mat as well.
Roll the ingredients and enjoy! You can figure out lots of other ingredients that might work as well...
Its a hoot to have such a treat in camp! I'll never forget the looks on a group as they passed thru, and someone recognized the "makings" of sushi!!
Overall, the weight is not that great considering the punch of calories consumed. Great food is always easier to justify! smile
Posted by: frank_in_oz

Re: Recipe: Sushi - 12/20/09 08:55 PM

That's a great idea. Must try it sometimes with Tuna from a sachel. Yum
Posted by: hatidua

Re: Recipe: Sushi - 12/21/09 10:46 PM

You all are eating far better than me in the woods, I'm impressed to say the least!