Catoctin Nat Scenic Trail

Posted by: MrMeatball

Catoctin Nat Scenic Trail - 01/21/20 06:08 AM

Anyone in the MD area able? I'm looking to head out onto this trail, but I was wondering about the camping situation? Are there a lot of spots along the way where I can set up, or do I need to shoot for a certain spot.
Posted by: Bill Kennedy

Re: Catoctin Nat Scenic Trail - 01/22/20 03:43 AM

No personal experience, but here are a couple of links with information:
Posted by: OldBayHiker

Re: Catoctin Nat Scenic Trail - 12/02/20 12:52 PM


Did you end up doing this hike? Interested in your experience. Looking at going in January.
Posted by: OldBayHiker

Re: Catoctin Nat Scenic Trail - 12/16/20 08:28 PM

Bad news for anyone wanting to hike the trail in the winter. Talked with the staff at Gambrill State Park. Their response follows:

Thank you for checking in with us regarding the Catoctin Trail. Unfortunately camping is prohibited anywhere along the trail and all of the campgrounds are closed for the winter.

I would recommend waiting until April when the campgrounds open back up. Either that or hiking it in pieces. I know this isn’t the answer you were looking for, but I hope you understand our goal of balancing these wonderful natural and recreational resources.