First Backcountry Camping Trip

Posted by: Jared0029

First Backcountry Camping Trip - 01/02/12 07:08 PM

Hey, I am new this forum and back country camping as well. Some friends and I are planning a camping trip this summer. I am looking for any kind of input on a place to go.

We are from Sioux Falls, SD and are looking to go somewhere within 12 hours. I have been researching the Porcupine Mountains, MI, places in Colorado and the Ozarks.

We are going to be doing a 9 day trip and are planning on having a place to serve as our "base camp" where we can set up camp and then go out back country for a couple days at a time. We are into fishing, and hunting if possible. Any input on a remote, great scenic area with good fishing/hunting and access would be appreciated. Thank you for your input in advance.
Posted by: balzaccom

Re: First Backcountry Camping Trip - 01/02/12 08:29 PM

Gosh--if you are in SDak, you are a lot closer to some great areas than we are!

A couple of notes: WHile I love fishing, I don't hunt. But if you want to hunt, you can rule out ALL the National Parks. SO I'd look at the national forests in the Rockies...

And if you really want to fish and hunt---I'd talk to a few of the local fishing and hunting stores. They usually have the best and latest info
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: First Backcountry Camping Trip - 01/02/12 10:38 PM

For hunting, you'll have to go in the fall when hunting seasons are open. Also, be advised that non-resident hunting licenses are really expensive. In some states (Wyoming is one), non-resident big game hunters have to be accompanied by a licensed guide.

Non-resident fishing licenses can be expensive, too. However, many states have 7-day or 10-day licenses.

Since you're South Dakota residents, why not start with the Black Hills?

I'm moving this to the Trip Plans, Reports and Inquiries section, which may get you better answers. Browsing through this section might help you, too.
Posted by: oldranger

Re: First Backcountry Camping Trip - 01/03/12 05:16 AM

In the Black Hills, you have the Black Elk Wilderness, which is not all that extensive, but can offer some nice shorter two or three day trips. For a longer trip you might consider the Centennial Trail. You have a variety of things to do, including some really neat activities, like caving and rock climbing, in addition to hunting and fishing