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Muesli - 06/22/17 05:58 AM

Anybody carry Muesli? It's great stuff, oatmeal, fruits, seeds, be eaten cold like granola or cooked like oatmeal.
Far more nutritious than oatmeal alone.
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: Muesli - 06/22/17 11:45 AM

I'm a muesli fan! At home, I eat it cold, with yogurt and fruit. For backpacking, I measure it into a sandwich bag, mix in some dried milk and freeze-dried berries. For breakfast, I add a bit of cold water, mix thoroughly to reconstitute the milk, and dig in. In huckleberry season, I of course use freshly picked berries instead.

I've always used Bob's Red Mill Muesli (although distributed nationwide, it's a local product here). However, they have made recent changes. Their regular muesli is now mostly wheat flakes, with very little oats. I personally prefer more oats than wheat. They have added a gluten-free muesli that is primarily oats. It's just as good as (and almost the same as) the old muesli formula, but, being "gluten free," is more expensive. I can't see the reason for the higher price, because except for oats and wheat, the two formulas are almost identical. I may end up mixing the two.

I don't want to knock gluten-free, despite what I consider price gouging. My youngest son doesn't have celiac disease, but he is very allergic to wheat. The gluten-free fad has been his salvation!
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Re: Muesli - 06/27/17 02:56 AM

Muesli must be very ideal. I might give it a try the next time.
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Re: Muesli - 06/27/17 12:32 PM

The reason for the price difference is because oats and wheat flakes have similar costs and while oats do not have gluten; off the shelf oats are not gluten free due to stray wheat growing in the oat field. To get gluten free oats, the farmer must take (costly) precautions to prevent contamination. I won't weigh in on self-diagnosed gluten sensitivity, but if you don't have a severe gluten sensitivity paying extra for gluten free oats is a waste of money. The trace amounts of gluten in off-the-shelf oats won't affect you.
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Re: Muesli - 06/27/17 02:04 PM

I really am sick and tired of people calling gluten-free a fad and claiming that only celiacs need to follow it. As I mentioned above, my youngest son is severely allergic to wheat. For those with wheat allergies, which are actually quite common, following a gluten-free diet is the only way to be sure that what they are eating is wheat-free.

As for me, since I live alone, buying bulk ingredients and mixing my own meusli is not feasible. I'm therefore stuck with the gluten-free meusli formula if I want my primary grain to be oats instead of wheat. It's partly a matter of taste (I've tried other meusli brands and they're awful) and partly that oats is more heart-healthy.

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Re: Muesli - 08/08/17 05:04 AM

I have never thought about muesli on hikes. Should be a really good idea.
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Re: Muesli - 02/11/18 02:31 PM

Alpen brand has been a staple of mine for decades and most large supermarkets carry it. It has a malt powder that improves flavor dramatically. I often add dates.
And oh, you can boil it into a great oatmeal. Add chocolate pieces and you have a bowl of chocolate flavored oatmeal.