Soup mix

Posted by: GrumpyGord

Soup mix - 02/22/17 12:34 PM

Has anyone had any experience with either Harmony House of Bear Creek soup mixes? They look good and seem to be relatively light but the Harmony House particularly look to be pretty low calorie. Corn Chowder listed at 30 calories per serving. I thought that a cardboard box would be more than that. Hauling empty calories is not my goal but tasty food is high on the list.

I tried dehydrating some commercial soup once and it was shoe leather even after cooking for 30 minutes.
Posted by: professor

Re: Soup mix - 02/22/17 02:49 PM

I have tried many of Bear Creek soup mixes at home. I like the Tortilla Soup mix and use it on backpacking trips. I add some cheese (cheddar cheese stick), lime powder, and tortilla chips. I am able to make it in a freezer bag by stirring in boiling water and letting it rehydrate for 10 minutes, then I add the rest of the items.

The soups with noodles do best if you let them simmer for 20 minutes to get the noodles soft.
Posted by: wgiles

Re: Soup mix - 02/22/17 06:13 PM

I've used Bear Creek quite a bit and like their Chili. I hesitate to use some of their soups because they contain MSG and MSG doesn't sit well with me. I just tried some Cuginos Cheddar Broccoli soup mix and it seemed to do fine. It doesn't have MSG in it
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Re: Soup mix - 02/23/17 12:15 PM

Thanks. I have not tried the Bear Creek mixes at home but it looks like I will have to try. I can simulate backpacking by mixing them up in a bag and adding hot water for lunch. If I do not like them I can just get something else. If I try them on the trail it may be my only option for supper.
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Re: Soup mix - 03/14/17 05:36 PM

Haven't tried either of those. But the poblano corn chowder at Packit Gourmet is pretty darned good (as well as much of their food, my favorite place to shop for my backpacking meals).

While quite expensive, the Smoked Sockeye Salmon Chowder at Heather's Choice is pretty darned good as well (as is much of their selection, I've had most of it - it's just all so darned expensive comparatively).
Posted by: toddfw2003

Re: Soup mix - 03/15/17 12:00 AM

I have used bear creek. not very good. Tastes processed
Posted by: CamperMom

Re: Soup mix - 03/15/17 08:36 PM

Consider MYO from preferred bouillon, in s tant rice or ramen noodles for your starch, and preferred d e hgdr as ted or freeze dried vegetables. I actually like ghe tomato-chicken type from the Latin section of the grocery store. Just Tomatoes/Just Veggies are pretty much OK without actual cooking but I am more likely to go cheaper by coming and dehydrating frozen vegetables. A little cooked, chopped or shredded dehydrated meat is good here.