Posted by: balzaccom

Thanksgiving - 11/23/16 11:49 AM

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which is certainly the holiday with the best food in our country. A great day for everyone except, perhaps, turkeys.

Along with everyone else, we'll be chowing down on a fabulous feast. And worrying just a bit about how we are going to lose all those extra calories.

Let's see. How many calories are we going to be eating? And how many calories do we use up on a day of backpacking? the more we eat tomorrow, the more days we'll have to go backpacking next summer.

That seems like a win/win.

Hope your Thanksgiving is a good one.
Posted by: Glenn Roberts

Re: Thanksgiving - 11/23/16 03:20 PM

You're a genius! You've given me a foolproof argument to use with my wife!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Posted by: DTape

Re: Thanksgiving - 11/23/16 08:15 PM


I just finished cleaning up from my first thanksgiving dinner. Tomorrow I head to the woods for 3 days; cooking up another thanksgiving dinner over the fire tomorrow night.