Keeping your food cold for multiple days

Posted by: JShin

Keeping your food cold for multiple days - 08/02/15 03:09 AM

Am curious what others use or experienced keeping your food cold for let's say a 3day hiking trip.

I plan on freezing a few small drinks, steak, and plan on putting them in a cooler container.

What container have you guys used, that is portable enough to carry on a hiking trip, and how long can a steak surrounded by frozen drinks last?

Any tips appreciated

Posted by: BrianLe

Re: Keeping your food cold for multiple days - 08/02/15 06:36 PM

I have no experience at carrying steaks on backpacking trips, but I will say that a food bag sort of buried in the middle of other gear in your pack stays surprisingly cool when it's hot out.

Are you not planning to cook the steaks your first night out? I suspect the common approach to carrying food like that is to eat the stuff that won't keep so well (and/or is heaviest) the first night, and then have a somewhat more conventional backpacking dinner the second night (and then it sounds like you'll be done on the third day).
Posted by: wandering_daisy

Re: Keeping your food cold for multiple days - 08/05/15 12:29 PM

Steaks frozen in a REALLY cold freezer will keep for the second day in most mountain environments. I would just wrap the steaks inside your clothes bag, or wrap the sleeping pad around them. I find that a black backpack really absorbs the heat. Think about using a light colored pack cover. Also transport the frozen stakes to the trailhead in a cooler with dry ice to delay the start of thawing. The steaks will actually remain frozen longer than your frozen drinks. Or do you mean frozen whisky when you say "frozen drinks"?

Much food we put in our refrigerators actually will keep a few days at room temperature. The key is to keep the inside of your pack room temperature. Unwashed eggs, for example will keep up to a week. Beef spoils less easily than chicken or pork.

Often I will fish as I walk along. I put the fish in a gallon ziplock baggie, fill with lake water and change the water every time I cross a stream. I will either just carry the zip lock in my hand or put it in the outside back pocket of my pack. I suppose you could do the same for the steak once it has thawed.
Posted by: AlanL

Re: Keeping your food cold for multiple days - 03/02/16 06:52 PM

Most of our trips are drive up Thursday after work, car camp near the trail head, hike in Friday morning / out Sunday morning. On Friday morning I take the perishables out of my cooler and bury them in my pack. We usually have bacon and eggs on all three mornings. I usually pack in a frozen kielbasa for Friday night too.