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Spices - 08/06/11 04:51 PM

I like to carry different spices, but do want to carry multiple bottles. For my next trip I am going to try McCormick "Recipe Inspirations" spice packets, about $2. These have six different spices in very light packets. Unfortunately there are not a lot of flavor choices. I picked the Apple and Sage Pork Chop package- contains sage, garlic, thyme, allspice and paprika. I just put the six packets in one snack-sized zip lock. It all weighs 0.3 oz. Has anyone else used these?
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Re: Spices - 08/07/11 11:29 AM

I buy my spices from Penzey's. They have a huge variety of spice blends, and are more fresh than what you can buy in the grocery, so they are more potent (and therefore require a smaller amount). Repackage into little zip bags and you don't have the waste to haul out.

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Re: Spices - 08/08/11 08:26 AM

Hey, thanks for the head's up on Penzy's. Looks like they have a store not too far from me. Used to buy all my spices from Henry's, but they no longer sell in bulk, only pre-packaged jars like everyone else.

Anyway, back to the OP, I like to make my own spice blends, depending on the dish, and repackage into small Zip Loc bags. For spaghetti it might be one part oregano, two parts basil, a sprinkle of dried rosemary and a half part each of onion salt and garlic powder. Easier, for me, than carrying separate quantities of several spices and herbs.
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Re: Spices - 08/08/11 01:31 PM

How do you keep the spices from static clinging to the sides of the plastic bags. I have also found that this annoying characteristic also messes up the zip-lock closures after time. I have never been pleased with spices packed in plastic bags. The packets I cited above are small -each just to add a little bit to one meal. Something good for a short trip where you do not need a lot of spices.

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Re: Spices - 08/08/11 01:57 PM

I use some small craft-size bags I bought in bulk several years ago from one of the craft stores (Michael's? Jo Anne's?), and, yes, static cling is an issue, although I find by "flicking" the bag with my fingers I can get most of the spices out and keep the zip closure relatively clean. An imperfect system at best, I admit.
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Re: Spices - 08/10/11 10:24 AM


Any place that sells beading materials is likely to sell "bead bags," various sized zip-closed bags. I sometimes tape the bottom to reduce the chance of blow-out if I expect to carry the bag for long, or have it loaded up.

Other possibilities are pill bags or self-made containers. Pill bags are sometimes found in with pill cases and accessories in a pharmacy. Walmart for both options, JoAnn, Michael's, and others for the craft/bead bags. For small quantities of items, consider cutting a couple of rings from the end of a straw, filling the straw with the desired item within an inch or so of the ends, folding the ends and using the rings to hold shut. OR, make your own bag, non-resealable, from cut up potato chip-type bags. Seal with an iron.

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Re: Spices - 08/10/11 11:09 AM

Walgreen's has nice little ziplock pillbags for about $2.00 for fifty. Heavy duty plastic. These shouldn't blow out under most circumstances. Size is about 2" x 1 1/2"
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Re: Spices - 08/11/11 03:55 PM

Also at bead stores you can find small plastic containers similar to the ones tic-tacs come in, but smaller. Handy for smaller quantities but not compressible. They also have small reclosable tubes.
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Re: Spices - 08/18/11 11:26 AM

I don't use much beyond salt and pepper. I have read about people who use plastic straws. Seal one end, put spices in, seal the other end. They seal the ends by heating the straw and crimping with pliers.

The Straw Trick
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Re: Spices - 08/18/11 06:18 PM

A resealable version of the straw-container is made by cutting small sectons of straw to make "rings." Fold over the end, crimp, slip the ring in place. Done!

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Re: Spices - 08/23/11 01:37 PM

Packrat that I am I have plenty of 35mm film containers in which I keep the usual suspects: basil, tarragon, red pepper flakes, dill, and a homemade take on Emeril's "BAM". Also one of those little integrated salt-pepper gizmos.

Odd lots of things I use less of go into little contact lens soaking containers, that are perhaps half the size of the film canisters.

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Re: Spices - 08/29/11 07:49 PM

I saw the "Recipe Inspirations" too, but didn't think about using them for backpacking. I love that idea!

Do you cut the packaging apart, or do they all come out in individual packets when you remove the outer cardboard(?) packaging that displays them?