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Gophers - 06/04/11 11:10 AM

Caught my first gopher of the season. I work out of town, so I set my trap last Sunday and checked it Friday night when I got home, even before eating dinner. The hole was plugged, not a good sign. I dug the trap out with a stick, hoping something was at the other end. Got one! With the cavity I made in setting my trap, it was packed with dirt, so there is at least one more out there. Like last year, I caught a few at the beginning of the season, no activity for a while, then more activity. I use black plastic to cover the ground which I then plant corn thru. A bad sign was when one of the holes I plant the seed thru had dirt pushed out of it.:( At least I have a fair corn stand, even with the cool and wet weather we have been having.
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Re: Gophers - 06/06/11 08:31 AM

Set my traps again and while off for a short bp trip from my place, got home on Sunday AM and caught another gopher. Now if I can get the electric fence charger delivered, I can see if that will keep the deer out. All I have left to do is make a gate by my garage, hang and hook up the charger when I get it.
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Re: Gophers - 06/24/11 10:18 PM

Last weekend, I had to shake a decomposing gopher off of one of my traps. I work out of town, so he was there all week I guess. Yesterday after I got home from work for the week, while in my garage, getting my chainsaw ready to cut firewood for today, I was surprised to see something scurrying ahead of me as I went to put something away after working on my chainsaw. After the initial shock, I chased it and stepped on it. A mole. A few weeks ago, I found a dead one on my lawn, I guess before I had the electric fence energized, a neighbor dog might have gotten it.
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Re: Gophers - 06/28/11 09:30 PM

I shot one a couple weeks ago with my ar 15 in 204 ruger. I used a hand loaded 26 grain Varmit Grenade Bullet. BarnesBullets Claims they Vaporise Gophers! I am happy to report they do! Bullet impact was from around 60 yards, Gopher flew 6feet in the air. Largest piece was a fur strip 4 inch long and a half inch wide! Sorry if this offends some users! Beleive me it was more humane than trapping. The Gopher didnt know what hit it!
"Licensed to Kill Gophers Bye the United Nations" AKA. Bill Murry from "CaddyShack"
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Re: Gophers - 06/29/11 11:02 AM

Well, if I wouldn't get the neighborhood upset. We all have at least an acre, have not shot a bluejay in 20 years.
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Re: Gophers - 06/29/11 12:55 PM

I don't have any gopher issues here. Probably too much rock in the ground for gophers in my patch of dirt, but Japanese Beetles are ravaging my roses and blackberries and Squash Bugs decimating my tomatoes and cucumbers. I'm going to mix up some insecticidal soap today and spray asap, but it's tough seeing all that produce get taken like that.

I wish I had a bullet that would vaporize those buggers mad
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Re: Gophers - 06/29/11 02:52 PM

The last time I had any bugs on my vegetables I mixed some Dave's Insanity Hot Sauce in water in my small sprayer. I sprayed all my vegetables. Bugs were soon gone.

I've heard that mint oil can also be used. Another is Dr. Bronner's (sp) mint soap.
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Re: Gophers - 04/22/13 08:51 AM

Opening season on gophers Sunday. Got home from cutting more firewood and had a fresh mound of dirt in the garden. Set one trap before going inside to relax and eat dinner. After dinner, had a few minutes before going to bed early as it was Sunday night. Checked the trap, hole was stuffed with dirt. Arggh! Pulled the trap out and had a mole. smile Reset it and put another in the opposite hole. We'll see if I have anything Friday when I get home. Peas may be up by this coming weekend, lettuce is popping out of the ground. The 8' high fence hopefully will keep the deer out this year, as the electric fence the last two had limited success. Chased deer out of the yard both Saturday AM and Sunday evening.
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Re: Gophers - 07/15/13 11:00 AM

So, so success catching gophers this season. Caught another Sunday, makes about one mole this season and 4-5 gophers so far. After each gopher, less damage in the garden. They have take about 40% of my corn and about 20% of my fingerling potatoes.
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Re: Gophers - 08/04/14 08:43 AM

Finally got a gopher, after it set off my trap twice a week ago, only catching hair. I had to dig up my potatoes a week ago as they were getting the plants. Surprised they have left my great looking beans alone, too bad the carrots got hit by them, what few I had this year. They sure are making a mess of my strawberry patch, I have to poke the holes so water will fill my furrows.
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Re: Gophers - 03/24/15 04:03 PM

Caught the first gopher of the young year. A few months too early, usually there is still snow on the garden or at least too wet to do anything.
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Re: Gophers - 04/04/15 01:39 PM

I just can't get CassyShack out of my mind every time I hear Gophers!