"Pen" Fishing Rods

Posted by: Bill Kennedy

"Pen" Fishing Rods - 03/14/18 05:20 AM

Has anyone tried one of the pen-type fishing rods (so named because they resemble a large fountain pen when collapsed)?

I've looked at the ones on penfishingrods.com, but I gather there are quite a few others. It's the fly rod I'd be interested in.

I haven't fished for years, partly due to circumstance and partly because all my fishing gear was stolen (they even took the fly-tying materials...I wonder if they even knew what it was.) I just never replaced it, as I'd sort of lost interest anyway.

Anyway, at age 70 and long-time Oregon resident, a license only costs $6 now, so I'm thinking maybe it would be worthwhile to carry a minimal fly-fishing kit.

I once had a nice (for the time) pack rod, but the one I had the most fun with was a 5-1/2ft. glass rod. Obviously not a great fly rod, and roll casting and mending were difficult to impossible, but I look back on it fondly nevertheless.

The pen-type rods seem like a natural for non-serious fishing, and they're fairly cheap. The ones on the web site mentioned require a special light line made by Cortland, called "00" but I think it might be a 2-weight. Terrific in the wind, I'm sure. Also, I think the reel only holds 8 yards plus a little backing.

Any other ideas?
Posted by: BZH

Re: "Pen" Fishing Rods - 03/14/18 11:41 AM

I looked in to them too, but I was concerned they were too cheap and flimsy. I was looking at the casting rods which only worked with their very cheap reels. I've had too many frustrating experiences with cheap reels to want to go down that path again. Probably not much help to you as you are looking at the fly rods.

If you want a light short fly rod, many backpackers get in to Tenkara style fishing. No reel just a line tied on the end of a very expensive (IMO) stick.
Posted by: DTape

Re: "Pen" Fishing Rods - 03/14/18 12:01 PM

I tried one out. The length is way to short for any decent casting, and the reel size is such that line gets tangled easily. Not worth it IMO. I now have a 5 piece graphite rod and a full sized reel for backpacking.
Posted by: tramp

Re: "Pen" Fishing Rods - 03/15/18 09:50 AM

Tenkara rods collapse into a small enough package to carry. And no reel is needed so weight will be minimal. Maybe take a look at them.

I have a 7.5 foot G.Loomis 4 weight rod I build for small stream work. Packs easily and will handle anything I encounter. Several makers produce 5 piece rods for travel that would be suitable for your purpose. Take a look around a good fly shop will let you take one outside and try casting. Shop around.
Posted by: Bill Kennedy

Re: "Pen" Fishing Rods - 03/16/18 04:54 AM

That's kind of what I thought. Glad to hear from someone who's actually tried one. Thanks.