One Proud Papa

Posted by: dylansdad77

One Proud Papa - 06/15/15 10:38 AM

OK - so not exactly backcountry fishing, I took my son on his first cub scout camping trip this last weekend and we did a little fishing in the pond. Considering the boys had to hike more than a mile from camp to get to the pond, maybe that qualifies as backcountry? Either way, Dylan caught his first fish this weekend...and I couldn't be more proud (a little jealous too because his fish was bigger than the one I caught!).

Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: One Proud Papa - 06/21/15 05:35 PM

Although the photo isn't available without a google account, I share your pride in Dylan's first catch!

Happy Fathers' Day!
Posted by: Dia

Re: One Proud Papa - 02/08/17 03:39 PM

I know I am so late to this, but how sweet is this? I love that you guys got to have that experience and share that bonding moment. I cannot wait until my son is old enough to go do these things with his dad.