Clear Acrylic Fly Rod Tube

Posted by: Mr. Fishunt

Clear Acrylic Fly Rod Tube - 05/30/11 12:31 PM

Please advise where I can purchase the clear acrylic or polycarbonate tubing and the caps to make a homemade fly rod case.
I would like to make one that is at least
3" OD x 25" to accomodate two 4 pc 8' fly rods.

Mr. Fishunt
Posted by: Dryer

Re: Clear Acrylic Fly Rod Tube - 05/30/11 01:21 PM

Your profile says nothing as to your whereabouts but...
Some of us use plastic fluorescent light protective tubes available at Walmart or Lowes. I believe they have end caps too but you can also plug the ends with other stuff you'll be carrying.
If you want something stronger try:
Posted by: james__12345

Re: Clear Acrylic Fly Rod Tube - 05/30/11 06:52 PM

Lowes sells the tubes to cover fluorescent lights with. They are around 3 dollars. They do have end caps, but the end caps have small holes in them to allow the bulb terminals to stick through, so they need a little work. I think two rods in one tube might be a bit tight, but if you put the handles at opposite ends it may work.

EDIT: I just saw you said three inch diameter, the bulb tubes are nowhere near that big around. Two rods still may fit in them depending on the rods though.
Posted by: Tortoise

Re: Clear Acrylic Fly Rod Tube - 02/18/15 01:33 PM

In the past I've made rod tubes from simple pvc and fittings. Something to consider: one purpose of the tube is to protect the rod from sun/heat damage- an acrylic tube may not provide that same level of protection . Tortoise