Cat VS. Car????

Posted by: bigfoot2

Cat VS. Car???? - 10/04/09 03:10 PM

This is sooo funny:

And Bird VS. Car:

BF cool
Posted by: billstephenson

Re: Cat VS. Car???? - 10/08/09 07:50 PM

I had to send the Bird vs Car to a buddy of mine. That's pretty funny smile

Posted by: thecook

Re: Cat VS. Car???? - 10/12/09 01:29 AM

Bird vs. Car reminds me of the Nissan SuperBowl add from a few years ago where the birds end up running into the garage door. Gotta laugh laugh
Posted by: DJ2

Re: Cat VS. Car???? - 12/22/09 11:05 PM

I used to like Roadrunner and Coyote cartoons but this is too realistic for me.

It could encourage animal cruelty in impressionable people.