A to be backpacker searching for soul-searching ad

Posted by: Ikigai

A to be backpacker searching for soul-searching ad - 09/05/12 05:48 AM

Would like to put a question out there about backpacking. I have put aside enough money to last me almost a year if I live modestly in India. But I am open to other destinations as well. I'm looking for a word of advice on a personal reason for going traveling. I'm wondering if India is generally the right place to travel to if I want to learn how to find some peace with myself since I can't seem to relax completely in various situations socially, or when it comes to tasks and achievements. I seem to lack proper direction in life given that the education I am just finishing doesn't hold much appeal to me anymore. Been basically trying to figure out what I should do with my life. Though I don't know that much about India I figured it would be a good experience. I'm almost thirty so I can't afford getting lost over there to the wind. Word of advice from the fellow soul searcher wouldn't hurt.
Posted by: lori

Re: A to be backpacker searching for soul-searching ad - 09/05/12 10:21 AM


This is a forum where we typically talk about the kind of backpacking where we're out in the wilderness, not wandering through another country. I could give you tips on good hiking boots for rocky trails, but I suspect you'd rather talk about how to budget or good places to stay in Bangkok.

You might find more help somewhere like Lonely Planet or some forum focused on the European type of backpacking.
Posted by: Jim M

Re: A to be backpacker searching for soul-searching ad - 12/15/17 12:15 AM

I have enjoyed other countries but before you trek off to a far away place you might consider hiking locally. Me and My friends tend to look for areas that are not popular and hike on days of the week... when most people are working. Even on a popular trail you can just leave the trail and start bushwhacking until you find a flat spot to camp well away from the trail. Alone or with a few other comrades and a campfire in a remote place without any cell phones can be introspective and peaceful in ways that our "civilized" urban life cannot.
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Re: A to be backpacker searching for soul-searching ad - 12/15/17 07:53 PM

IMNHO, looking to another country or place to find inner peace probably won't work. You're looking for an external solution to an internal issue.

If you really want to enjoy your travel and get the most out of it, I'd recommend finding that inner peace first - some find it in meditation, some in one of the various religions, some in simple solitude. But you should find happiness with yourself here and now if you want to enjoy happiness in other places and at other times.