Changing Computers

Posted by: oldranger

Changing Computers - 01/04/11 06:03 AM

I am trying to log onto the site from a brand new computer (Xmas present) - should be a fairly easy process, but my login is not recognized when I try from the new rig. I could reregister under a new login name, but I would rather not...Any ideas?


oldranger (Don Morris)
Posted by: phat

Re: Changing Computers - 01/04/11 10:39 AM

You sure you remember your password? I switch from computer to computer more or less constantly. Are you getting a password incorrect message? or something else?
Posted by: oldranger

Re: Changing Computers - 01/04/11 04:02 PM

How could I possibly forget a password? - there are two things associated with old age - one is memory loss and I forget the other one..

When I ask for a new password,I get the message -"Can't find login name of oldranger." Now, that is surprising!

I might indeed be entering the right password, but Mr. Computer doesn't seem to get past my login name..

Posted by: skcreidc

Re: Changing Computers - 01/04/11 04:32 PM

Just a thought, but are you running on a different operating system and/or web browser? (Or anything from microsoft?):D
Posted by: oldranger

Re: Changing Computers - 01/05/11 06:58 AM

The old account is run on Vista; the new computer runs on Windows 7 - sothat might be an issue.

I imagine the quick and dirty way out is simply to establish a new account with a new login name, but I would rather keep my old name, if possible..
Posted by: phat

Re: Changing Computers - 01/05/11 11:17 PM

Are you on the old board archives? instead of actually here?

If you aren't pm charles (packlite) and he may be able to reset your password for you.

Oh one other thought - have you tried using a different web browser on your new computer? I'm assuming if it's win7, you are using internet explorer - try downloading firefox and see if it works for you, or google chrome.
Posted by: oldranger

Re: Changing Computers - 01/06/11 03:53 AM

No, I am using firefox, and I am pretty sure I am actually here.
Posted by: packlite

Re: Changing Computers - 01/09/11 11:53 AM

Probably has nothing to do with OS or browser. Your display name is oldranger but your login name is something else. I've PM'd your login info.

Posted by: Paulo

Re: Changing Computers - 02/02/11 09:07 AM

I actually have the same problem on windows 7 and IE. 1 in 10 times it logs me in, the rest of the time it just brings me to the forum page.

I haven't had a problem with Google chrome though.

I'm guessing it is a cookies setting on my computer.
Posted by: midnightsun03

Re: Changing Computers - 02/13/11 05:36 PM

Ditto that for me too. I just got a new computer too, with windows 7 on it. It won't even recognize the temporary password that was e-mailed to me. I had no problem going on TLB on my iPad or iPod or any other computer running XP, but for whatever reason the software doesn't seem to like Win 7. Guess I'll keep my old computer around for a while.

Posted by: phat

Re: Changing Computers - 02/13/11 05:37 PM

This sounds like an issue with new Internet Explorer.. Try installing firefox or chrome on your win7 box and see if those are happy with the board.
Posted by: midnightsun03

Re: Changing Computers - 02/13/11 10:46 PM

Google Chrome had no problem whatsoever. Go figure.
Posted by: phat

Re: Changing Computers - 02/14/11 12:44 AM

That's the joy of having three quasi usable mainstream browsers - at least when one screws up you can use a different one.
Posted by: Heather-ak

Re: Changing Computers - 02/14/11 01:46 PM

Very odd - moved to Window's 7 a few months ago without issue with this site (or any other.) Using Firefox though - I only use IE under duress..