Flat Mode Rocks

Posted by: DJ2

Flat Mode Rocks - 09/12/10 11:45 AM

I recently switched from threaded mode to flat mode. Quickly reading through multiple posts is now much much easier.

For example, I recently read through a dozen posts on a topic I hadn't looked at before. In threaded mode I would have had to open and close each post. In flat mode they are all there at once so I can just skim down the page. Wonderful!

I seem to be slower at discovering computer things than most people around me.
Posted by: phat

Re: Flat Mode Rocks - 09/22/10 01:40 AM

Heh. yeah I switched to flat about 4 days after joining the forums.
Posted by: Trailrunner

Re: Flat Mode Rocks - 10/16/10 08:04 PM

If only I could convert some of my favorite trails to flat mode!!!!

.......and keep the views of course.
Posted by: finallyME

Re: Flat Mode Rocks - 02/07/11 05:42 PM

It took me a year or two to figure out flat mode. I love it as well. smile