Automagic logout

Posted by: Rick_D

Automagic logout - 12/06/09 06:52 PM


I'm using a new Win7 PC with IE 8 and am getting logged out while navigating within the forum. This behavior is unique to this computer so I was wondering whether anyone else is experiencing it and whether there's anything I can do to stay logged in?


Posted by: Zalman

Re: Automagic logout - 12/08/09 03:02 PM

Hi Rick, I've never tried your software, but it sounds like something is fishy with your IE8 cookie settings.
Posted by: Rick_D

Re: Automagic logout - 12/08/09 05:26 PM

Thanks, yeah, I need to go through the settings again. The funny thing is I use IE8 on XP, Vista and now W7 machines and W7 is the only one that seems to log me out with each navigation on the Web site. And only on my old XP machine would the site remember me between visits so I didn't have to log in each time.

With Windows 8 I probably won't be able to log in at all shocked
Posted by: packlite

Re: Automagic logout - 12/18/09 12:13 AM

Hi Rick, I've been using Win7 and although I have alot of problems with it, staying logged in here is not one of them. I've had no problems of that sort. As you probably know, over the years here approx 99.99% of the problems trace back to cookies on a user's machine. I have no clue how it happens. Soon, I will be upgrading the software in these forums and adding some new functionality, clean things up a bit and I hope that will help with some of these login issues we've been having with this current software version. Also, I should mention that I never use IE, but have been using Firefox since it's beginning.
Posted by: Rick_D

Re: Automagic logout - 12/22/09 06:01 PM

Thanks Charles,

It may very well be cookies (mmm, cookies!) but I at least don't see the little symbol noting they're blocked for this site. I've decided it's the work of the random occurrence genie, keeping me humble with his hijinks. The new computer, while blazingly fast, has had a few teething problems that I'm still sorting out.

I'm resolved to having the three machines I rotate among all behave differently, even if they have the same browser. Variety being the spice of life and all. Will look forward to your next round of improvements!

Posted by: phat

Re: Automagic logout - 12/24/09 08:59 PM

I've had some issues with IE8 - but I find IE8 pretty darn hateful for more than just this site. I cycle between windows, mac, and OpenBSD on my browsing. I used to used ie when on windows but ie8 just made it awful for a lot of things, and now use mostly firefox there. - I use safari and/or firefox on the mac, and mostly firefox on OpenBSD, although I occasionally use konqueror or Chrome on that.

The only one I have serious issues with is IE8.

Posted by: packlite

Re: Automagic logout - 01/13/10 04:24 AM

I updated the software last night (1-13-10) - maybe that will help ??
Posted by: Folkalist

Re: Automagic logout - 01/30/10 12:42 PM

Wow, I must be really lucky. I've been MIA here for many months (work issues, travel, holidays), and during that time I got a new computer and upgraded it to Windows 7. I use IE8. When I thought I would see what's up with my favorite peeps today, I navigated to the forum site (all my bookmarks were lost in the great computer death) and lo and behold - I was logged on already!

Please don't try to explain this to me (phat!); I won't understand. I'm just happy. smile
Posted by: packlite

Re: Automagic logout - 01/30/10 01:06 PM

I'm happy too smile happy to read a positive experience smile Maybe the recent upgrade was a good thing ?

Posted by: phat

Re: Automagic logout - 02/01/10 10:29 PM

(I know you told me not too... but...)

It migrated your old settings and saved passwords.. so you're logged in..

Oh and the forum upgrade makes ie8 work well here...