Text box not scrolling

Posted by: midnightsun03

Text box not scrolling - 06/13/09 04:34 PM

When I'm typing in a post, when I fill the text box and the scroll bar appears, the body of my message will not scroll up. I can continue to type, but I can not see what I'm typing. I can scroll down and see what I've typed, but as soon as I start typing again the text jumps back to the begining (although the curser does not jump).

Any ideas?

Posted by: packlite

Re: Text box not scrolling - 06/15/09 02:51 PM

No time to investigate at the moment, but have you tried increasing the size of the text box using the little up/down arrows on your text block menu ?
Posted by: midnightsun03

Re: Text box not scrolling - 06/16/09 03:24 PM

Uhhhh... no, but I'll look into it now that I see it. Thanks for the suggestion!

Posted by: Hobblit

Re: Text box not scrolling - 09/23/09 11:12 AM

This is part of the problem that I alluded to earlier. This is the ONLY internet forum that I have this problem with. Is this website fully compatible with Internet Explorer 8?
Posted by: midnightsun03

Re: Text box not scrolling - 09/26/09 03:32 PM

Pinecone... it may well be an IE8 problem. I don't have any problems with my text box not scrolling on my work computer which isn't running IE8. I have firefox installed on this computer... when I get a moment I'll check to see if that solves the problem.

Posted by: midnightsun03

Re: Text box not scrolling - 09/26/09 03:38 PM

ok, so I'm logged in using Firefox version 3.0.13 and testing to see if I can type beyond the text box without having to enlarge it. I had to use Firefox for a class this summer but I'm still pretty much in the habit of using IE8 for some reason... old habits die hard. I was a big fan of Mosaic when the Internet first became graphic, even bought a book on how to use it. Then Netscape came out and wow was I really a fan! But somehow IE managed to overtake the market and there you go. So, the answer is, yes, the text box scrolls using Firefox, so it seems to be an IE8 issue. Good catch!

Posted by: phat

Re: Text box not scrolling - 09/28/09 07:40 PM

Yes, it appears not all features work in IE8 on the board.

I don't find it fiddly enough to be annoying, but then again
I do use firefox almost exclusively except dropping into safari or Internet Exploder or Konquerer for testing stuff.

I guess I don't notice as readily because I am simply used to the fact that most sites I'm on, not everything works exactly the same in all browsers..