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Posted by: GrumpyGord

DSLR camera - 08/28/19 10:45 AM

I am not into photography but I have a question. My wife has a Pentax ZX-60 35 mm camera with a 28-80 lens which she used until 35 mm became obsolete. My question is can this lens be used on a digital camera? I assume that the lens was quite expensive and it seems like a shame that it just sets on the shelf. I am not sure if lens are universal or if they are brand specific.

Leave it setting on the shelf? Look for a digital camera? If so what should I look for?

Posted by: Rick_D

Re: DSLR camera - 08/28/19 04:08 PM

Hi Gord,

Thought there might be a simple answer but nope, there are a ton of Pentax lens formats. Here's a decoder ring.


The lens won't be worth much today and assuming it fits a current digital model the odds of it still being a good lens aren't high. Film and digital sensors place differing demands on lenses and older zooms frequently don't perform well on digital bodies.

In sum, this lens might fit and function fully on a current Pentax model. That's no guarantee it will be as good as the super-affordable standard kit zoom that would ship with that body. If I were launching myself into the digital world, I'd start with a clean sheet and look at everything available.

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Re: DSLR camera - 08/29/19 06:05 AM

Thanks. I thought that perhaps she could just do a slight upgrade and still use the lens. Looks like as you say it is probably better to just start off from scratch. I am not into photography so I have no idea what equipment is current state of the art. I take an occasional picture with my phone and some how end up accidentally taking ten identical pictures or pictures of my shoes. Then it takes me 30 minutes to figure out how to get the pictures off from the phone.
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Re: DSLR camera - 08/29/19 09:14 AM

You too Gord? I thought I was the only one. My granddaughter fixes all of my phone issues.
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Re: DSLR camera - 08/29/19 12:16 PM

Another of the many blessings of having grandchildren!
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Re: DSLR camera - 08/29/19 12:31 PM

Obviously some folks use a phone for different things than I do. I make 5 or 6 calls a month. The calendar on the phone is nice and reminds me about the doctor's appointments which I seem to be having more frequently. I can adjust my new hearing aids with my phone but again it ends up being more trouble than it is worth. I also read books on it when I am out hiking or waiting for something like doctor's appointments again.
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Re: DSLR camera - 08/29/19 02:21 PM

My new hearing aids have a Bluetooth connection to my phone. When someone calls me the phone rings via my hearing aids, loudly. It’s horrible! I’m getting a lot of robo calls on my cell phone now so I have to keep the Bluetooth turned off. If I’m driving, it could startle me enough to cause an accident. I’m seriously considering deleting the app 😒.
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Re: DSLR camera - 08/29/19 02:27 PM

With my phone and hearing aids you can choose to answer either through the phone or directly to the hearing aids.

A few years ago I was getting too many robo calls so I ended up changing my number.
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Re: DSLR camera - 08/29/19 03:31 PM

Y'all are killing me here! grin

S'cuse me while I chase some kids off the lawn.