How to load a bike

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How to load a bike - 10/09/19 02:24 AM

I had the misfortune to go bikepacking earlier this year. It was quite fun to be honest. I used all of the equipment that I had accumulated over the years but was far to heavy for backpacking, ie 6lb tent, top mount cannister stove, solar charger, 8 inch frying pan air matress etc .

My bike weighs 35lb and my equipment weighed 35lb, loaded evenly in 2 panniers and a rucksack. I had serious problems when loaded. The bike was unwieldy and very hard work to ride, especially going uphills. Now if i ride my bike without loading its easy and dynamic, even with a rucksack with 20lbs in on the bike is not bad to ride. Yet add panniers and my ride lost all characteristics. I have seen lots of different loading systems,so how should i load ?
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Re: How to load a bike - 10/09/19 09:47 PM

Were the panniers on the rear of the bike? If so, that was part of the problem, you need some weight up front as well. When I used to tour by bike I used four panniers, two on the front and two on the back. Worked well.
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Re: How to load a bike - 10/10/19 01:33 AM

Thanks for the reply. Yep panniers on the rearalong with the tent along the rack, rucksack on my back. Amazing the difference it made. I think the wobble also made a lot of difference, the weight on the tail seemed to drag the bike if that makes sense.

Like i say there was a fair bit of weight, but i cannot see any point going light if youve a bike too, nice big tent, soft bed etc. The weight up front i suppose balances the bike, what sort of ratio should I be looking at please and how should I load it.