Posted by: ETSU Pride

Snow! - 01/11/11 07:45 PM

I rode my trusty steed to glory! grin
Posted by: Joshuatree

Re: Snow! - 02/02/11 07:03 PM

I do that 5 days a week in winter. Its just over 2 miles to work it takes 15 min if I bike or 15 min if I drive. We just had a blizzard and its supposed to be below zero tomorrow morning and I'll still bike to work, It takes my car longer then 15 min to warm up when its that cold so its not really an advantage to drive.
Posted by: Big-D

Re: Snow! - 02/18/13 08:13 PM

what kind of bike do you ride to work? have you seen the fat tire bikes for snow? may make you journey easier