Should I try it

Posted by: bmwrider

Should I try it - 08/07/08 10:09 PM

I give the tarp thing a try and I can get this one from someone brand new for 20$ and thought, its needs seam sealed no problem, its 17 oz. not 21 I weighed it without the bag and thats not sooo bad for a test trip, but will it be big enough, 9 x 7 I'm not sure how much room I'll have when its pitched, hell I'm not even sure which way I should pitch it, I've seen a few different methods and I not sure which works good, please share your opinions.
Posted by: dolomiti

Re: Should I try it - 08/08/08 04:15 AM

I am a tarp novice myself. But I have watched these videos and they seem like a decent tutorial.
Posted by: Dryer

Re: Should I try it - 08/08/08 05:19 AM

The nice thing about tarps is that you have lots of options. It's a good idea to go out in the back yard and set it up several ways. I sometimes don't bother pitching mine at all and simply lay under it like a sheet if it starts raining. (i prefer the night sky to nylon) <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
Set up depends also on what you are using for support. Trees? Trekking poles?
Single poles or double?
Here's trekking pole, one stick.....