first time backpacking

Posted by: Jester20

first time backpacking - 02/10/08 06:19 PM

hi I have a trip comming up in a few months to Kettle Moraine is that a good place?
i was wondering what gear would be good i just bought a eureka k-2 XT and i got my sleeping bag but that is about it.

can u guys give me some ideas of other stuff i might need?
Posted by: phat

Re: first time backpacking - 02/10/08 09:04 PM

look at the left hand side of the screen, and the top level of this site, there are a
couple of gear lists there, including the "18 pound 3 day pack" and the "27 pound 7 day pack". Both these are good basic lists, now with a Eureka Tent and bag you may not be
as lightweight as these, but you should make sure you have at least the basics of funcitonality that is in there. In particular consider the climate and weather you may
face and give clothing careful thought.

My generic three season list for me is linked from my profile. click my name.
Posted by: MistaBrown

Re: first time backpacking - 02/12/08 11:34 AM

The Eureka K2 XT is a great tent for cold weather. Just make sure you leave at least one vent open at the top or you will be moist in the morning. I've used it several times in cold weather this year and it's performed very well. We had a problem after 2 days of rain and then a 10 degree night. My girlfriend zipped the vent closed because she was cold, not knowing that the condensation would make us colder.

This doesn't really answer your question, but I thought you'd like to have a bit more confidence in your tent. I was a little unhappy with the 12 lbs, but if you can lug it, it is definitely worth it.
Posted by: billstephenson

Re: first time backpacking - 02/14/08 11:00 AM

I've been there. I only did a little day hiking there though.

Check the mosquito hatch forecasts and either way you might want to get a mosquito net for your face to bring with you.

My guess is that if you go in early spring the skeeters won't be too bad. If they're not, and the weather is good, it should be awesome.

I recall romping around there one time and being overwhelmed by swarms of skeeters. I was just turning back on a trail I'd started to hike and was thinking, "How do the locals deal with these little vampires" when I saw a woman come meandering out with a net over her hat and she was completely covered with light colored clothes. I'm sure she knew more about dealing with it than me.

Let us know how it works out.

Bill Stephenson