Finding a group

Posted by: waywardwhale

Finding a group - 06/18/20 04:54 PM

Hi guys!

I've decided I want to try backpacking, but I just moved to the area (charlotte, NC) and I don't know many people, let alone backpackers! Is there anyone who would be willing to let a solo newbie glob onto their group for a beginner friendly trip this summer? I'm a 28 yo male, polite, and fit.

Posted by: balzaccom

Re: Finding a group - 06/21/20 02:35 PM

Sorry that you haven't had any responses to this---but my location in California isn't much help to you.

But I do have three suggestions:

IF you can find and REI store, they often organize trips, or can tell you where to find hiking groups.

The above is also true of the Sierra Club, and sometimes local hiking associations.

And finally, your local community college may have a hiking or outdoor adventure group.

Check out those options!
Posted by: JustWalking

Re: Finding a group - 06/22/20 01:14 AM

Check out to see if there are any hiking/backpacking groups in your area.
Posted by: waywardwhale

Re: Finding a group - 07/02/20 03:45 PM

Hey guys! thanks for your input. I'm going down your suggested channels. For anyone else who lands here, if your live in or have lived in the area of Asheville, NC. I'd like any suggestions for good trails for a 1 night trip.

Thanks again!