Kid's hiking trip at school

Posted by: SalishSea

Kid's hiking trip at school - 08/03/19 10:39 PM

Hi! My kid's school is going on a 5-day (overnight) backpacking/camping trip deep into the Cascades. If you were going to send your kid with the most appropriate and useful gear (other than good backpack, hiking boots, flashlight, whatnot), what would you send? I'm debating renting her a PLB or SPOT, just in case, but what do you think? Thanks!
Posted by: OregonMouse

Re: Kid's hiking trip at school - 08/03/19 10:55 PM

I would talk to the trip leader, who should be carrying a means of emergency communication for the group. I frankly would not entrust a youngster with a PLB of SPOT; consequences of "pushing the button" when it's not an emergency could be dire.

I'd be more concerned about knowing the safety rules for the group and the qualifications of the adult leader--again, contact the trip leader.

Hopefully there will be several adults with the group and the group will be within the legal wilderness group size limits (usually 12).
Posted by: SalishSea

Re: Kid's hiking trip at school - 08/04/19 12:01 PM

Thanks, Oregon Mouse - that makes sense. I don't believe they do bring PLB's with them, so I could offer to rent one for the group leader.

Can you recommend any other equipment that might be helpful for my kid other than the usual stuff?
Posted by: Glenn Roberts

Re: Kid's hiking trip at school - 08/04/19 12:43 PM

Everyone's idea of "the usual stuff" is different. To me, the "usual stuff" is a pretty complete list of gear that let me be self sufficient. When I used to lead Scouts, their parents' idea of the "usual stuff" was a cotton sleeping bag, huge 4-AA flashlight, and 7 changes of cotton clothing.

Could you give us a more complete list of "usual stuff"? Also, what is the trip leader giving you as a list of gear your child should bring?
Posted by: JustWalking

Re: Kid's hiking trip at school - 08/04/19 02:16 PM

+1 to what Glenn said. Also, how old is your kid?
Posted by: balzaccom

Re: Kid's hiking trip at school - 08/04/19 07:11 PM

Among the whatnot I would include a good whistle. You hope he never needs it, but it is much more effective than the human voice in the wilderness.

And yeah, the group leader might not appreciate him practicing with it for hours on end...grin
Posted by: Bill Kennedy

Re: Kid's hiking trip at school - 08/05/19 02:10 PM

There are several gear lists on the home page that might be useful.