Newb training for a difficult uphill hike

Posted by: AdamWang

Newb training for a difficult uphill hike - 04/19/18 07:18 PM

I am new to hiking/backpacking but am generally fit in terms of being an ultra endurance cyclist, e.g. riding for 23 hours straight etc.

I did the hike to San Gorgonio summit (Vivian Creek trail) without too much difficulty, had a 35 lb pack just to see if I'd have difficulty with it.

I'm planning to do Cactus to Clouds hike around October, and need to train for it:

Next to my office at work, I have a stairwell that goes up 7 stories. Is it a reasonable plan that - every other day - I go up and down that stair with a 35 lbs backpack for progressively longer times, e.g. starting at 20 minutes and up to an hour? When I hit one hour (the max I can spend on my lunch break), I'll just increase the pace so that I get huffing and sore faster.

If needed, once a month, I can go on a hike like the San Gorgonio hike mentioned above. But otherwise, I prefer to spend my weekends cycling.


Posted by: aimless

Re: Newb training for a difficult uphill hike - 04/19/18 09:35 PM

It is a better idea to use your leg muscles to carry the pack directly than to use them to cycle while wearing a pack. This is a closer simulation to what you will be doing.

Another good thought would be to include carrying your pack on actual trails, since the rocky, root-strewn, uneven surface of most trails require working the leg and ankle muscles that provide lateral stability. Stairs won't work those muscles. It is a truism among hikers that the best conditioning for hiking is to hike.