Multi Day Water System

Posted by: thekeyboardk

Multi Day Water System - 06/23/14 10:46 AM

Hey guys I'm new to backpacking. I've done my homework and have came up with a water system:

Platypus Big Zip 3L... 5 oz
Nalgene Ultralight 1L(an oxymoron, I know)... 3oz
Sawyer Mini Filter, syringe, and 16 Fl ounce bag... 2 oz

Summary, 10 oz, 4L, lasts 100,000 gallons (I think)

My plan is to go a water source, and filter right then and there, and then move. I would primarily drink from the platy, the Nalgene would be mostly for washing up, cooking, ect.

I have three questions:

1. Would the big zip and nalgene thread with the sawyer properly?

2. Should I carry another nalgene UL?

3. Have you had any experience with platys malfunctioning in the field? Is this a concern?

Thanks guys! Any input is appreciated!

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Re: Multi Day Water System - 06/23/14 11:01 AM

I haven't got that much personal experience with the Platypus though I use their 4.0 gravityworks. I have yet to have any issues with it nor have those I have come across. Heck, this past weekend there were 3 other groups running the same set-up. I'm the only one that was using the carbon-filter (turns out there is no taste in the water here to filter so I'm leaving it at home next time).

I have, however, heard a few issues both on the forums and in the field of the sawyer system blocking easily and not wanting to back-flush or clear. The platypus as long as you follow the directions works great.

(start the flow, let about 1/4 liter or so come in, reverse it to purge the system of air, then it flows quickly. When you are done filtering back-flow about 1/4 liter to clear it out. That's it.)
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Re: Multi Day Water System - 06/23/14 11:32 AM

I was referring to platypus bladders, not filters, but thanks anyway. I'm not sure about the gravity works, it seems a little bulky.

Do you know if the squeeze is anymore reliable than the mini?
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Re: Multi Day Water System - 06/23/14 12:05 PM

I lack any personal experience in the Sawyer to say but I like the idea of the smaller one (Squeeze?) that can go inline on a hydration pack. Maybe someone with more experience will chime in.
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Re: Multi Day Water System - 06/23/14 12:34 PM

On two occasions, I have had Platypus Big Zip containers develop leaks, usually along one of the folds. Interestingly, I have never had a standard Platy 1 or 2 liter water "bottle" develop a leak even with hard use. The leaky BZ's were circa 2005 and the issue may well be resolved now but I know that once upon a time they did develop leaks, easily.

For a simple water bottle I see no reason to carry a Nalgene when a recycled pop bottle is equally sturdy and a third the weight.

I use a Sawyer Squeeze, the larger version of the mini. I have had no problems with it in two years of use. And, that is with the original, failure-prone, bags.

I've never tried but I have heard that Platy threads leak with Sawyer equipment. Evernew bags do mate with Sawyer filters, or so I've been told.
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Re: Multi Day Water System - 06/23/14 12:46 PM

Do you know of any bladders that would be compatible with the sawyers?