Heard of this tent?

Posted by: ZachBilous

Heard of this tent? - 02/24/14 07:09 PM

Hi y'all.

Can we focus on this tent for a few minutes?
I stumbled across the NatureHike 2 tent. I will post a link below to the tent.


Has anyone heard of this tent? What are your opinions about the specs?
I will be mostly 3 season backpacking, but I want the peace of mind of knowing my tent will be compatible with winter conditions. This NatureHike 2 is advertised as 4 seasons. I just can't find any reviews on it, or any information, really, other than it is manufactured in Hong Kong. I'm not sure if I like the door on the rainfly, in wet conditions, when closed, perhaps rain water will get under the seams of the fly-door and leak down into the vestibule area?

Weighing in at 4lbs 4oz. I think this is a bit heavy, but the 4 season aspect intriques me, as well as the waterproofing on the fly and bottom (3000mm +).

What do you think, honestly?
Thanks for your opinions!

Posted by: lori

Re: Heard of this tent? - 02/24/14 07:30 PM

i would stop looking at the tent and look into actual four season gear, if that is what i wanted.

i would never trust a tent described as having "plaid oxford cloth" floor. the description reads as if translated poorly. it has nothing that says it is wind worthy or features that suggest it is good in snow. it is a heavy three season tent.

i suggest first finding out what you need, learning about features that make a tent four season, and then deciding if you really want one "just in case" - odds are really good that with a little information you will decide on a nice three season tent.
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Re: Heard of this tent? - 02/24/14 08:07 PM

I took one brief look at the photo and decided that I would never consider buying that tent. Any time you opened the door to get in or out, rain would fall right into the tent, even if there wasn't a breath of wind. My guess is that whoever designed it hasn't spent any time backpacking and never tested the design in rigorous conditions. It's a backyard sleepover tent mimicking the look of a backcountry tent. frown
Posted by: lori

Re: Heard of this tent? - 02/24/14 08:09 PM

I'm finding it a little ironic that this OP started out in a thread last year having sold a 2 person tent and looking for a bivy. And now he is looking not just for a two person tent but a four season just in case.

What happened to Tarptent?
Posted by: aimless

Re: Heard of this tent? - 02/24/14 08:23 PM

I went back to his previous thread from last year, too. The advice he got there from six or eight different experienced forum members was very well thought out. Just because we give pretty good advice to strangers on the internet doesn't mean anyone will ever take it. smile
Posted by: Glenn Roberts

Re: Heard of this tent? - 02/24/14 09:05 PM

No, no, no...Generally, you get what you pay for. For not a whole lot more, you can get a tent from a company with an actual reputation like REI's house brand, Sierra Designs, MSR or Kelty, probably a bit lighter.

Right now, Campmor has the MSR Hubba and Hubba Hubba on sale; they're last year's model, but so what? They don't quit working just because the calendar changed.

Keep looking.
Posted by: ZachBilous

Re: Heard of this tent? - 02/24/14 11:11 PM

I have a girlfriend now, I have to factor her into the equation now lol. So much for solo, bivy style camping!

I love the tarptents... scarp 2 especially. I live in B.C. Canada and not sure what the actual total price will be after it going past the border, and currency conversion. I hate the thought of spending $500-$600 for a two person tarptent!!!
Posted by: phat

Re: Heard of this tent? - 02/25/14 08:29 AM

As some have said, you get what you pay for.

I normally hike with a one person shelter. Very occasionally I can get my wife to come out with me. it's the only time I take something bigger.

I've ordered the SCARP 2 into canada for a friend, it came across the border just fine and I only paid the GST.. yeah, life sucks, and we have free health care.... I've stayed in that tent and it would be a very good choice for a couple - it's light, but can be put up solidly with the cross poles (an epic storm in new zealand didn't destroy it smile.

I personally have a black diamond skylight that I use for this purpose. - which I also think is a palace although my wife might disagree - I have this because I got it second hand from a friend. it's a very good tent but new is usually more expensive than the scarp. Were I buying a new one for this purpose I would probably get the scarp 2.

Posted by: finallyME

Re: Heard of this tent? - 02/26/14 11:04 AM

that would work for 4 seasons in the southern US and Mexico, but not in BC Canada. 2 Poles won't hold a good snow load.
Of course, when I say it will work, I mean it won't collapse under a snow load. It won't hold up to wind... and no telling how it does in rain. Usually at that price, it will leak.