Living out of my pack

Posted by: kodiakkid

Living out of my pack - 10/02/11 10:03 PM

I always loved hiking. I am from the mountains. Raised all over, but always lived in the mountains. I now am living in the KC area and need to find a escape. SO I have been saving all my pennys and have been buying gear for next years, year long trip. I want to go place to place, while living out of my pack. Here is what I have so far.

Stove: MSR Reactor
Tent: MSR Hubba Hubba
Filter: MSR Sweet Water
Bag: Wester Mountaineering Caribou
Pad: Thermorest Neo Air
Odds and Ends: Snow Peak tea Press, MSR dormadary water bag. Spork. First aid kit.
Pack: Millet peutary 50L.
Leki treking poles.

Now I just found out my pack needs to be much bigger. So any help would be great. I want something very durable. How big of a pack should I get?
Posted by: Gershon

Re: Living out of my pack - 10/03/11 12:29 AM

50 liters is huge. I'd think in terms of smaller rather than bigger. I'd suggest working with what you have now, and when you figure out how to get to where you don't need 50 liters, consider something smaller. This week, I figured out how to load a 33 liter pack for a 3 season trip of the same type. Not that I'm making it or anything. But I'll give a tip for figuring it out. If you can make it for 4 days, a year is just 90 4 day trips. You should be able to resupply in most places every 4 days.

Check out the American Discovery Trail which passes through your area. I'd skip the parts that are too hard.

Posted by: newyorkteg

Re: Living out of my pack - 10/10/11 02:10 PM

are you planning on bringing food? or hunting/fishing?