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Tarping - 09/07/11 08:31 AM

I've been considering tarping and have some questions.

The main one is staying dry. When I was a kid, tent floors didn't exist yet. We just put down a ground cloth and seemed to stay dry as long as the tent was pitched in a good spot. Would a footprint work well as a ground cloth as long as the edges were inside the dripline of the tarp?

Bugs don't bother me, so I don't need any netting.

The tarp also needs to work on a hammock, so I'm considering a simple pup tent. On the ground I'd use trekking poles or put it between two trees with a ridge line.

I'm considering this hammock tarp with doors. At only 5 ounces, it seems hard to beat.

Since they can custom build, I'm considering another option. A puptent with a bathtub but a floor that only comes in a foot or so. On the ground, I'd lay a footprint over the hole. That way it has easy entry for when it's used hammock style.

Another option, with a very low hang on the hammock, I can set it up at ground level. If it gets too cold, I can just roll out of the hammock and sleep on the floor.
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Re: Tarping - 09/07/11 11:05 AM

All along, my big concern with tarping has been the loss of the bathtub. I sent my question off to Zpack and got a quick response.

He suggested this for the bathtub solution. Look at the picture on the bottom right.
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Re: Tarping - 09/07/11 11:10 AM

If you want to spend the money, the tarp looks awesome. But, I wouldn't go for a cuben ground sheet. Your ground sheet is your most vulnerable item to tear. Because of the high probably of tearing or puncturing it, I wouldn't spend $100 on one. Look at polycro, tyvek, or the famous 3 mil painters drop cloth.
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Re: Tarping - 09/07/11 11:17 AM

Thanks. Joe recommended Tyvek as a better solution.